Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Permanent Unemployment

The "official" unemployment rate is swinging between 9-10%. Obama says his priority is job creation. Many of those long-term unemployed are people who once made their living off the real estate bubble. Except for people who used to work in the trades, they have no real skills.

I am not sure that anything can be done to get these people back to work.


Anonymous said...

Also the population growth adds about 100,000+ net new people per month to the work creating 1,000,000 jobs will not even provide opportunities to the new workers much less those already in the workforce..add in those under employed and you get the picture. The great retirement of boomers will be delayed for non government workers as their 401Ks and home values have not gone anywhere in ten years.

jgriff said...

I'm not a baby boomer, I'm too young. My 401k balance has gone up over 600% in the last ten years.

NoVa Sideliner said...

My sister is one of the "long term unemployed". She's got office work experience, teaching experience, is bright, and has an advanced degree. (Oh wait, that last one is actually an impediment. Seriously.)

Yet she is happily into her second year of pulling in unemployment bennies, with no inclination to find work because in the worker-paradise state she lives, they pay enough for her to just stay home.

So long term unemployed, yes, but for her -- and a couple of other "99ers" I know -- it's a choice they are actually quite content about.

Anonymous said...

Other long-term unemployed people include Baby Boomers with high-school educations, few if any skills above that level, who b*tch about alleged rampant age discrimation.

They're shocked, shocked I tell you, that no one wants to hire a 55-year-old dinosaur whose job can be done 5 times faster at half the cost by someone in their 20's.

F*ck the boomers. Collectively, they deserve every bit of misery coming their way.

Anonymous said...

And a lot of those 50-somethings are filing for Social Security disability.

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