Monday, January 4, 2010

In the new house

It only took me 1 1/4 hours to set up the computers and figure out the new wireless routers. I think that's pretty good for a marketing guy setting up a network of Vista boxes. I will say that I am surprised at how much faster Comcast is than AT&T DSL. A 5-minute podcast downloaded in less than 3 seconds.

I think it's gonna be a long, sleepless night. Tomorrow I'll be hauling ass between Katy ISD and Cy-Fair ISD to get my son registered at his new school. And since just about all of the furniture (crappy as it is, in a Gallery Furniture sort of way) remains at the old place until the house sells, I'll be sleeping on one of my daughter's trundle beds. Not fun. Hope the Katy place sells quickly so I can get my furniture.

It's fun to whine. These are mere inconveniences compared with 99% of the rest of us humans.


Lou Minatti said...

21 degrees later this week. There goes my orange and lemon trees. I've been nurturing them for 15 years.

Hey, wait. They won't be mine anymore.

Tom said...

I like your new mansion! ;)

Where's the front door and where the hell do you decide to sleep in a place like that? Good to see it seems to have plenty of rooms for the butler and servants though and clearly a little garden space to grow some new fruit trees - or build a golf course.


Lou Minatti said...

No front door. We just walk through the parking garage in the back. The servants live off-site.

It's strange being in the house I grew up in. Did I tell the story? Can't remember.

tesla said...

Beautiful house. Sadly (for me) your mortgage is probably about what my rent is here in MA :-(

TCN said...

You made mention of the story of the double move, parents into a new house, you to their house, and both of you still very near each other.

I think that's great! Family continuity and closeness. Something that I miss dearly.

Would like to hear (read) your story again, if you're so inclined.

NoVa Sideliner said...

It's fun to whine. These are mere inconveniences compared with 99% of the rest of us humans.

You have a good perspective indeed on things!

Lou Minatti said...

Thanks, TCN. Yep, I told the story. People are joking that we have the beginnings of a compound here.

This Blog Is Not Here said...

Cool that you moved in Lou. Glad to hear. I'd kill to be able to raise kids in the house I grew up in though it's now a rapidly declining part of Pasadena. Still, the house was an awesome place; good memories.

Oh, got my in-laws wireless networking for xmas and birthday gifts last week. Had a Vista box, XP laptop, Ubuntu Linux netbook, and my iBook. Got all cooperating with the file storage and printer in under 2 hours. I was very proud of myself, especially since the father in law was head of it security for a big bank.

Talk about performance anxiety.

Fingers crossed my wife and I will be moving back in together here by Feb 1st.

Oilacct said...

Lou, great house! Which part of extreme far North Houston is that? I've been looking for a property on a hill for some time.

Lou Minatti said...

It's near Mexia. The commute sucks, but we have hills. I am within spitting distance of the HP campus.

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