Monday, January 11, 2010

FM 529

I've been driving FM 529 twice a day for the past 2 weeks moving stuff to the new house. Each time I get a little bit more depressed. I used to ride my bike out there when that part of the county was just farmlands and rice fields. Now it's an ocean of cheap houses... which isn't a bad thing, because my first house was a cheap one. The bad thing is that entire part of the county is quickly going downhill. I see houses with roofs that still haven't been repaired post-Ike. I see fences still blown down. I see graffiti and foreclosures everywhere. Lawns that were cultivated when the houses were new 10 years ago are nothing but crabgrass. "Pride of ownership" doesn't come with Section 8.

Speaking of 8, we have our own 8 Mile Road forming, only it's 25 miles from town. And it's brand-new. If you live in the FM 529 area please consider getting out.

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