Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bill White promises to drag us to the poorhouse

Former Houston mayor Bill White is running for Texas governor and he is promising to take us to the poorhouse.
An educated workforce is critical in today's economy, but today too many families cannot afford to send their children to college because of prohibitive costs and skyrocketing tuition. College tuition in Texas public colleges has risen more than 63% since 2003, far faster than financial aid and family incomes. I will work to make both two year and four year programs more affordable. Texas students should have an opportunity to pay little or no tuition with a public service commitment after school.
College employees aren't underpaid by any stretch, and salaries are just part of it. If I use the TRS online calculator and plug in someone making "just" $50,000, who started work at 24 and retired at age 54, we find a guaranteed $3000/month pension, which will automatically increase each year based on inflation. On top of that that they get lifetime medical benefits. A 30+ year free ride on the taxpayers and tuition payers.

I'll repeat it again: Take away the Sallie Mae punch bowl. Starve the beast. This will force admins and legislators to reign in costs and make college affordable again. Skeptical? Tell me that removing the punchbowl from the housing market didn't make houses affordable.


Anonymous said...

Corporate greed is nothing to "higher education" greed! People like White will point at greedy insurance companies or oil companies et al, but the truth is the most greedy people are the self richeous educational elites. How many people flunk out with nothing to show for their time and money, how many make it to the end and get zero earnings from the investment, how many end up with debts above what the degree is worth???

Jean ValJean said...

Speaking of poorhouse, is it true what Guv candidate Medina said that Houston is "technically bankrupt"?

Anonymous said...

Just a remark attaching this to our slide toward the European model. In Europe the enormous sums spent on "free" pre-K through post-doc serve to both divert the otherwise unemployed into another category, often until their late 20's or early thirties, and buy off at the same time a permanent pro-government voting block that depends on the easy guaranteed government jobs these policies provide. Naturally, the left in the United States would like to get to the same place, and in places like California they jsut about have. The employees of the public education systems there have been bought off, and constitute 95% certain votes for the "Government" party in any given election.

Oilacct said...

Bill White is also ignoring the fact that less than half of the population ought to go for a four year degree. The rest need some technical training for a skill or trade. Of course, it doesn't help that we've managed to export a large portion of our manufacturing capacity, which would have absorbed those non-degreed folks in the past. And, a college education is no guarantee of a good job, what with companies now eexporting accounting, IT, and other back office work

Paul said...

This is not a help the students program. It is a get more money to the educrats. No different than saying housing is expensive because workers are over taxed, companies that build are over taxed, the land is taxed, then there are unwanted and often unaffordable land codes, building codes, rules, regulations, permits, fees, documents, environmental committees, hysterical committees, various local,county and state committees all requiring in the hot tub lawyers, architectural firms, engineers.

The latest burden is 200 mile an hour hurricane of the millennium windows. Try 600 each instead of 200 for double thermopane, impact resistant.
Nice, now times each window and door.
No wonder affordable is now a single wide. Or your car, or a basement, or an RV in the driveway.

Anyways, back to da skools. They are threats to your children intellect. They teach boredom, and quality aversion. They destroy more minds than they lift up. They are the anti-'Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance' quality place. They are not where you want to be, even if you are a teacher. A form of velvet death of the soul.

( maybe I went overboard. Just maybe.)

Hattie said...

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mack said...

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