Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar 3D

Outstanding effects and the storyline does a great job of keeping you engrossed. My kids didn't squirm at all even though it was 2 1/2 hours.

Yeah, it's very much a utopian lefty film... basically Dances With Wolves in Space. The savage is always noble; The white guys are always the bad evil corporate rapists. Particularly American corporate white guys who are military. It seems that Cameron's take on the whole entire GWoT is the al-Qaida guys are just nature-loving people living in their element and they'd leave us alone if we just quit stealing resources from them.

Still, if you are one of the few people who hasn't seen it in 3D I heartily recommend it.


This Blog Is Not Here said...

Dances with Wolves in Space is dead spot on. Still, it was one of the best movies visually I've ever seen. Plus, it's not often you get to see Sigourney Weaver naked.

Jean ValJean said...

I think you mean "Dancing with Smurfs"

Jean ValJean said...

That should be "Dances with Smurfs".

Curse my pre-caffeine mind.