Sunday, December 28, 2008

UAW country club and golf resort

Good to know the UAW is sharing the sacrifice.
The United Auto Workers may be out of the hole now that President Bush has approved a $17 billion bailout of the U.S. auto industry, but the union isn't out of the bunker just yet.

Even as the industry struggles with massive losses, the UAW brass continue to own and operate a $33 million lakeside retreat in Michigan, complete with a $6.4 million designer golf course. And it's costing them millions each year.
The UAW is proud of Black Lake Golf Course.
Since opening in 2000, the UAW golf course has piled up numerous awards. Black Lake Golf Club placed 25th in Golf Digest's "100 Greatest Public Courses in America" 2005-2006 rankings. The course was also named one of the Top 50 public golf courses for women in the country by Golf for Women magazine.
An annual membership is bargain-priced at $1,000 per UAW member.

Hey Gettelfinger, remember the uproar when Big 3 management flew by private jets to beg for money before Congress? By the same token it's hard to take your organization seriously when the UAW shakes down auto workers so that UAW leaders can keep their swank private golf club and resort.


Michael Ryan said...

You are under the impression the UAW execs care. They only care about not winding up like Jimmy Hoffa.

John said...

A quick trip to the web site would have helped this post. The course is a public course, not private. While a UAW memebr can get a membership for $1000 ANYONE can get one for $1200. Considering the UAW built the course then that's what I would consider a fair discount. Like many public/private courses they try to get as many members digned up as possible since the majority will not play nearly as much as they think they will.

Nice job Michael trying to link the UAW leadership to organized crime, stay classy.

Lou Minatti said...

Hi John,

You are tossing in some red herrings. The country club for UAW bosses loses millions each year. paid for by the men and women working on the assembly lines.

"But the Black Lake club and retreat, which are among the union's biggest fixed assets, have lost $23 million in the past five years alone, a heavy albatross around the union's neck as it tries to manage a multibillion-dollar pension plan crisis."

Spare me the malarkey that the UAW bosses built this luxury resort for the guys doing the actual work. Men working on assembly lines worried about their jobs don't pay $1,000/year to join a posh country club.

Michael Ryan said...

I said they don't want to wind up like Hoffa, the theorized victim of a crime. Other than his conviction for attempted bribery, an act many members of Congress can sympathize over, no one ever proved Hoffa had anything to do with organized crime.