Sunday, December 14, 2008

Roadside Louisiana

I drive from Houston to Winnfield, LA twice a year. Most of the route is rural. Each time I make the drive I see more abandoned houses, more abandoned businesses. These little towns will soon be dead, and all that will remain in these counties and parishes will be the towns that have the courthouse, consolidated high school and post office.

One thing I noticed for some reason this time around: 20 years ago massive satellite dishes would be ubiquitous at each rural house. Now? It's a trampoline. It's like the Johnny Appleseed of Trampolines walked the rural highways and byways of the deep south and delivered the latest in expensive trampoline technology to each household. There may be a car or two on blocks in the front yard, there may be a blue tarp on the roof, but a trampoline is a must.


Anonymous said...

Before Letarsier say this.


Funny Circus Bears said...

I've noticed the same thing in rural TN.

One thing that has remained the same: The ubiquitous toilet planter.

Bob said...

Thought you would be interested in a possible route to one of your predictions: