Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newspaper layoffs

There's a bloodbath going on right now as you are reading this. See:
My advice: If you get laid off from a newspaper and your true passion is reporting and you are talented, go independent. Read Michael Yon and see how he does it. Become an expert on one subject and build a name for yourself.

Meanwhile, cities will continue to have daily newspapers. Only they will be free. It will just take another year or two for newspaper management to grasp the reality that no one wants to pay for dead tree carcasses, not even when it's a lousy $3/week.


tesla said...

Print media is desperate for subscribers. My wife manages to finagle a lot of free magazine subscriptions. Typically the freebies last for 6 months or so and then they run out. But something strange has been happening lately : all the free magazine subscriptions I am getting have lapsed months ago yet they keep extending my subscription. My free trial of Businessweek ran out about 4 months ago yet they automatically extended my free subscription to July, 2009. The same thing has happened with 3 or 4 other magazines.

Bob said...

Here you go Lou, so you can feel prophetic:

Shreela said...
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Shreela said...

Sunday papers will survive longer I bet. And the Chron will have readers, whether print or online, as long as they have SciGuy.

@Tesla: I started filling out those free magazine sites a few weeks ago, and haven't received any yet. But I hope the same happens with me, once they start coming.

tesla said...

The free magazines take a while to start rolling in and you tend to get issues late. But for the cost you can't complain :-)