Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Like Chicago, only National

What to do?
Finalizing the circle, if U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is to indict and try Gov. Rod Blagojevich, that will require a President Obama to appoint Fitzgerald to what would seem to be an unprecedented third term as U. S. Attorney. Fitzgerald was first brought in to the N.D. of IL in 2001, from New York City, at the urging of President Bush by then maverick Republican U. S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald (no relation to Patrick), over the objections of local Republican and Democratic pols, who preferred prosecutions be handled by a local prosecutor. Outsider Patrick Fitzgerald has piled up significant, numerous public corruption convictions of state and local Republicans and Democrats.
I predict that Obama will reappoint Fitzgerald. That will defuse the situation in the short term, and I suspect that a year from now few voters will care about the sleaze in Chicago politics. There are bigger problems than even a supreme sleaze with a bad toupee who has lots of high-profile connections.


tesla said...

It looks like Obama isn't implicated in any of this. But here's an interesting question: did he know about Blagojevich's attempts to sell his senate seat and do nothing?

Rorschach said...

two weeks ago Axelrod says that he KNOWS that obama and Blago have talked about his replacement and several names came up for discussion. yesterday the Obama administration says Axelrod "misspoke".

How long has Fitz been recording Blago's phone calls again? I want to hear that tape.