Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Eid

I received Happy Eid cards from some of our business partners in the Middle East today. I am not offended. Every year I receive cards from partners in China and Vietnam wishing me well on Chinese New Year. I am not offended. I receive cards from our Japanese associates and they go whole-hog on Christmas wishes, even though they aren't Christians. I am not offended.

I like getting these cards, even though they celebrate different cultures and religions. Why would anyone be offended? The sentiment is nice.

As the Instaguy posted the other day, Amazon's US operations see things differently. So I wrote an e-mail to their IR department yesterday and told them since they refuse to use the word "Christmas" I refuse to shop for Christmas presents there. I suspect I was just one of thousands, because Amazon changed their tune today.

I still won't do any "holiday" shopping at Amazon. The fact that they have marketing nimrods on their staff that met and decided to eliminate the dreaded "C" word means that my dollars are better spend elsewhere.


Benoit™ said...

decided to eliminate the dreaded "C" word

"Casey"? ;-)

Between the narcissistic mortgage fraudster and the [alleged] sociopathic child-murderer, the name should have as much appeal as "Adolf" does nowadays! ;-p

Scott said...

Funny, but stupid bone headed PC crap like that from Amazon or frankly anyone bugs me. I have one person where I work that constantly manages to work their religion into everything we do when it comes to seasonal stuff. Ugh. Ironically, I'm not a Christian either but I just don't talk about it at work. People just assume that and I go with it. It's a predominantly Christian nation with Judeo/Christian traditions. Get over it people.

Still, at my old job I used to have Indians wish me Merry Christmas (they were under the same assumption as most people since I'm white and frankly rednecky) and I'd usually respond back Hari Bol. That tended to cause a brain fart. I don't whine and frankly I don't know anyone who whines when it comes to us not getting Holi or Janmashtami off. It's the wussified wasp pc crowd on the left that makes the big deal.

tesla said...

I'm really fed up with political correctness. I can't stomach it at all. PC has made me very callous and I no longer care if someone claims to be offended by something I consider to be harmless. When someone calls me racist or sexist or homophobic I do not care anymore as these terms have been misapplied so widely as to be void of meaning.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Honestly. December 25 is no longer Christmas? Then what's all the shopping for???

Gah. I'm glad someone - including you, Lou - called Amazon on their BS.