Tuesday, December 9, 2008

General Motors' stock price soars

From The Economist, September 30, 1916:
Bethlehem Steel's amazing market rise has been eclipsed. This week General Motors stock sold at $697 per share, the highest price at which any stock ever has sold on the New York Stock Exchange, with the exception of Northern Pacific. The latter issue sold on one occasion at the record price of $1,000 per share, but this was a forced price during the corner of 1901. The record high price for a stock on the Boston market is held by Calumet and Hecla, which brought $1,000 per share in 1907. The stock market career of General Motors stock has been spectacular in the extreme, surpassing even the rise of Bethlehem Steel. In 1913-14 it sold as low as $25 per share; for many months after the market soared as a result of munition and motor orders, it lagged behind other issues of its class. Even in 1915 it sold for only $82 per share. Then it began to advance under steady buying, and its low point for the present year never went below $405. The advance on September 12th last was an experience to which even old-time traders were unused. The stock rose $52 for the day. Just by way of comparison, Bethlehem Steel, hitherto the premier war stock, gained 24½ points the same day, to 524½, a new high record. Next day General Motors rose $55 per share, to $697, making a gain of $107 for two days, and Bethlehem Steel gained $30¾, to $555, per share, a rise of $55¼ for the two days.


Rorschach said...

Heh, funny you should post this. a couple weeks ago when the stock price of both ford and GM were in the $2 range, and the rumors of an impending bailout were beginning to circulate, I decided to do a little profit taking. I sold about 1600 bucks worth of stable big pharma stock and split it evenly between the two stocks. And I waited for the bailout to happen. Monday i had planned to sell it, but the stocks kept going up and up, so I just let it ride. Yesterday morning it finally stumbled and started to fall again so I sold. I made over $900 worth of profit in about two weeks. I'm thinking of buying Ruger or Colt or Springfield Armory stock now....=D

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