Tuesday, December 2, 2008

China Syndrome

One of our vendors sent me this today.
For the past Ten years (deleted), Inc. has earned a reputation for selling quality board level components:

* We never stock pulls or parts from China.
This is a growing problem, but this is the first time a vendor has actually stated this problem upfront in a promotion. As margins are squeezed, more and more counterfeit components are showing up. On someone's home PC this is no big deal, really. Your computer is toast, you buy another one for $400. Who cares. But how about on an airliner? What about a critical data center? Sub-standard, defective crap is not acceptable.

This is not to bash the Chinese. They normally do a good job. But there is an extreme urge in the field of electronic components right now to cut costs. That means there is a buttload of mis-marked and defective stuff out there, and much of it will wind up in critical infrastructure. Be aware.


Scott said...

It's the well made knock offs that we have to worry about. Lord knows what surprises that they can hide in the bowels of electronics (if you are of a paranoid sort) for everything from critical infrastructure equipment to defense components.
Otherwise, we just run the risk of that nice pricey wireless router I just bought dying an early death and not actually being covered the Cisco warranty. Like a friend (uh sure it was a friend) that bought a really nice watch and took it in to be cleaned and repaired and got told it wasn't quite Swiss.

Funny Circus Bears said...

A critical high grade counterfeit part causing a major problem WILL happen. I have blogged about this in the past I believe: A combination of cultural indifference to harming others, lack of regulation and rule of law, relative poverty, brutal competition, and high manufacturing skills make for a ticking time bomb.

Rob Dawg said...

I am an expert in aviation fasteners. Some i designed are still classified as to their use(s). The paperweight on my desk is a titanium wing pivot bolt from the American SST. Electronics have redundancy and backup and diagnostics. Bolts on engines, not so much. A serious problem.

It goes deeper. The wholesale intellectual property theft by Cina has got to stop. That alone would erase the CAD.